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I was an ice skater before I was a dancer.  I loved the ice.  I loved to skate fast and soar.  Feel the cold air against my skin and the hard yet soft ice below my blades.  I was powerful.  It’s a solo sport and I enjoyed that.  It got to be about my mind. 


I retired from figure skating when I was 16 and took up dancing in our high school dance team.  I loved making dances and performing in them.  My work was emotionally edgy yet soft, compassionate yet full of rage.  This became my style.  I loved making work and decided that my dream was to become a choreographer and tour the world making dances and dancing in them.  I wanted and expected my dances to be impactful.  Influence people to connect more deeply with themselves and those around them.  Influence people to make bolder decisions based on integrity and cooperation.


This dream got thwarted and interfered with as my life got more and more complicated.  I took a break from dance and choreography.  This began a cycle of breaks that always led me back to dance. 


I currently run my own dance studio called Urbana Dance Company and love the work. Now I want to return to making my own dances and performing them at 47 years of age.  I would like to finally fully claim my rightful space as a dancer.  Build my work in a way that is strategic and can carry me home.  This is the work I call “Insolia Dance Company.” 

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